The Berlasco Court Caring Centre is a fully accredited Aged Care Facility consisting of sixty (60) high-care beds and dementia-specific facilities services.

Berlasco Court is a brick building with two (2) wings and a central core. The upper levels are serviced by a lift, and the wide corridors ensure easy access and mobility for wheelchairs. The rooms are all for single occupancy with en suite facilities and are spacious enough to allow personal items and small pieces of furniture to be accommodated easily.

This Facility is conveniently located close to bus and rail services and is 1km away from Brisbane's largest urban shopping centre at Indooroopilly.

Berlasco Court Caring Centre was purchased by the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland Ltd in 1988 to fulfil their vision of providing culturally inclusive care for people from diverse cultural backgrounds.


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Aged Care Online review


I am writing this review to help potential residents and their families feel confident about the care that is provided at Berlasco Court Caring Centre in Indoooroopilly, QLD. I am doing this because I know how difficult it is ascertain the standard of care provided in an Aged Care Facility prior to having a relative actually become a resident there. Until recently our mother was a resident in a relatively new and very comfortably appointed Aged Care facility in NSW that has very pleasant surrounds but an unreliable standard of care. Due to the difficulties associated with the long distances my siblings and I were travelling frequently to be with Mum as much as possible, with her consent the decision was made that she would be transferred to a facility in Brisbane that was closer to family, and, we hoped, would better fulfil her needs. In selecting an Aged Care facility our inquiries were focused foremost on standard of care, but also on location, nice surroundings, space and light. Of the facilities we considered, Berlasco Court was ideal in regard to reputation of care and location but did not appeal to us in regard to interior surrounds, space and light as it is an older building with relatively small rooms and limited natural light in the building. However as a bed became available there and no others existed in close proximity, in the hope our daily contact with her and the standard of care would make up for what the building lacked, Mum was transferred to

To this end our Mum’s needs have been more than fulfilled and as a result of the wonderful care she has received and her increased comfort since, the importance we placed on the surrounds has now paled into insignificance. Although I am an ex-Registered Nurse who has worked in hospitals with a high standard of care I have yet to ever come into contact with staff that are more caring, attentive, respectful, committed, sincere and loving as those at Berlasco, or experience the dignity and harmony that prevails there. What is even better is Mum is also clearly aware of this and she has been far more oriented and relaxed since the move, which we believe is because she finally feels secure. Everything that is done for her is purposeful, her needs have been pre-empted and catered for without us needing to ask and the staff are very protective of her - to the extent they will even very diplomatically have a word to us if they think something we are doing may not be in Mum’s very best interests, which is a wonderful indication of their commitment to her. We are impressed no end.

I believe this standard of care not only comes down to the standard of the staff who are employed at the facility, but also, most importantly, to the standard of those in management and the exemplary leadership and support they provide. Hence, though you may cringe a little when you walk into the building in comparison to others, be assured there is little else there that matters that isn't close to perfect. Having a relative placed in a facility where one knows they are going to live the remainder of their days and where they will be at their most vulnerable can be a huge and very emotional decision. It has been an immense relief for us that we can now walk out the door at any hour of the day knowing our Mum will be receiving the best of care whether we are present or not, and to see her so settled and relaxed. As the facility is to be rebuilt in the near future I envisage it will then be worthy of the highest rating possible … although a new rating system may need to be devised as even without the new building Berlasco Court has just received an accreditation score of 100%.

Post script: September 2017 Our precious Mum has since passed away and our greatest comfort is that she spent the end of her life midst the comfort and dignity she deserved, and that her family was able to assist with her care, supported with compassion by all at Berlasco. We are indebted to the staff and it is without hesitation that I recommend Berlasco Court as a facility of outstanding quality, where, regardless of age, race, colour and creed, the provision of exceptional care is paramount. - Helen "

Your support and how you can help

Management of Berlasco Court is proud of the reputation that has been achieved here through the hard work and dedication of Staff. We are grateful to relatives and friends who support our efforts and provide valuable feedback to ensure we continue to provide good standards of care.

As a fully Government funded Facility, we have made a conscious effort to put our limited funds into appropriate levels of staffing and infrastructure. Some of our long term families and supporters will also recognise the major upgrades and changes that have been made to the facility over the years. Rising operational costs and inappropriate subsidy levels leave very little to fund capital expenditure, so any support is greatly appreciated.

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Statement of purpose

Berlasco Court Caring Centre is an Aged Care Facility providing high care accommodation, Respite, full nursing care, medical and allied health services, as well as other services as required.
The Philosophy, Objectives and Policies at the Centre are in accordance with the Accreditation Standards, as prescribed by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.
Berlasco Court is a Culturally Competent Service service that has vision, mission and values that embraces diversity as its core business and implements the vision through policies and practices that are inclusive of both staff and clients.


(incorporating the Multicultural Policy Statement)

Management and Staff of this Facility are committed to the delivery of a Best Practice model of nursing care that maintains the physical, emotional, spiritual and culturally inclusive needs of our residents. This will be achieved through harmonious, thoughtful and caring relationships fostered between residents, staff, relatives/carers and visitors, while respecting at all times the privacy and dignity of residents and recognising their right to be involved in and make choices about all decision-making relating to their nursing care and activities of daily living.

Policy Statement

In line with its commitment to the care of residents, clients and staff welfare, we have a policy which requires all staff in this organisation to undergo a character and probity check. This is for all staff, contractors, volunteers and visiting service providers.

Definition: Probity means integrity, honesty and uprightness