Berlasco Court Caring Centre is a residential care facility committed to high
standards of care, with a particular focus on those from culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds.



  • Melinda Lastavec

    Berlasco Court is short for “Excellence” in the world of the elderly. The environment at this facility is warm and very caring. My Grandmother has been cared for by the staff now for 5 years, the Director Athena the numerous Nursing/caring Staff, Cleaners, Cooks are nothing short of amazing, each one of these people are like my very own family. I was horrified to know my Grandmother was going into a nursing home knowing and reading many horror stories, however Berlasco Court has changed my views about “Excellent Facilities”, and the way they care about their residents. My grandmother is very well looked after, her pain is managed well, and when I communicate with Berlasco Court I am given answers quickly and efficiently…… Well Done Team…….

  • Ann Janssen

    'My parents are both high care and it was a big transition for them and the whole family to move from home last year. They were originally in another nursing home and were left in a room and neglected for most of the day. Since coming to Berlasco Court the difference has been significant. There is much more of a community spirit and each carer knows everything about my parents from their medications to their particular ailments and likes and dislikes. What a difference! I know now that they are in good hands.'

  • Claire Hughs

    In my experience strong relationships are the heart of Berlasco's successful caring culture. Staff treat residents with respect, patience, warmth and expertise; work together cheerfully and flexibly; and, take the trouble to welcome family members by name and to respond readily to their comments and requests.

  • Alan Sutton

    For the past twenty months Berlasco Court High Dependency Unit has been home for my 94 year old mother, a dementia sufferer. Throughout the protracted entry process and subsequent residency, Berlasco management have been very supportive and my wife and I cannot speak too highly of the carers – their unfailing cheerfulness and nurturing attitude makes this difficult time for residents and family members alike much more bearable.

  • Helen, Terry and Ourania

    Not knowing how your loved one will transition from their home of many years to residential care is always a concern, but as a family we need not have worried. It wasn't long before our father was referring to his new residence as 'home'. We believe this is because of the friendly caring and professional staff at Berlasco Court. Thank you all very much for your kindness and care.

  • Naomi Jansson

    I am so happy that she is happy. Knowing that not only are her daily needs met but that she is cared for and listened to when I can't be there. As a registered nurse I hoped to find exceptional nursing staff and management and have been so grateful that my Grandmother is in the care of Berlasco Court Caring Centre who have exceeded my expectations in every way.

  • Megan Earnshaw

    My Mother Peg Brownless is currently living at Berlasco Court. As soon as you walk into the front door, which is always open, you feel welcome and there is a wonderful sense of loving and happiness. Often there is music playing and always in the activity centre there is something interesting going on with the residents. My mother has everything she could possibly want and is looked after Professionally and cared for with love lots of hugs. The staff from the office the activity centre the nursing staff etc. are outstanding and helpful ,caring ,happy people. Athena who is in charge, is a delightful lady,always happy to discuss any issue that arises. I am sure she is the reason that Berlasco court has such a high degree of success.
    I am delighted that my mother is able to be cared for in such a wonderful home. Thank you for your attention to details and caring beyond the call of duty.